2012 One Page Planner Excel Template

2012 One Page Planner Excel Template Yearly

Use this yearly 2012 One Page Planner Excel Template to track you upcoming year! Enter the details on the 2012 one page calendar or print it out and use it to manually enter your appointments and events. Download this 2012 One Page Yearly Planner Excel Template by clicking the link: 2012 One Page Yearly Planner Excel Template

2012 One Page Planner Excel Template Yearly

6 thoughts on “2012 One Page Planner Excel Template

  1. sweetgum

    Last year’s planner printed easily and instantly on one page. I seem to be having trouble with this one as bits of it want to print across four pages. Is there an quick fix?

    In case you’re curious, I used the planner last year hung on my fridge to record the daily number of eggs my hens laid. It was very convenient and much appreciated!

  2. Karen

    I can’t find the Excel document itself in the zip folder… it seems to be all code. Where is the Excel document itself? Thanks, awesome planner!

  3. sunil

    Wow. Amazing planner. One huge request…. please help me out here.

    Can you please have a version posted where months are on the sides and weeddays on top ?

    The reason I think it will be very very useful for many is that I use this planner to write things/ agends for the month – directly on my computer or iPad and its lot easier to write on softcopy if the lines go straight.

    Writing from top to bottow becomes very difficult

    Hope the new version will be loved by the masses

    best regards

  4. Gloria

    I’m looking for a 2012 & 2013 year-at-a-glace calendar that I can post events, update and print out as needed. Any suggestions/links would be greatly appreciated!

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