2016 Employee Attendance Tracker

The 2016 Employee Attendance Tracker has everything you need to properly track and store your employees and the hours for any season. Whether they want to take a vacation during the summer or just a few days off for the holidays, you’ll have a comprehensive way to monitor any and all time off. The template even comes with a fully customizable legend to sort the various types of vacation hours (sick, vacation, personal, etc.). Make your life easier by tracking your employee’s hours today.

Using the Excel 2016 Employee Attendance Tracker Template.

You will see each month of the year displayed at the bottom of the page.  Start by clicking on the tab containing your current month.

You can enter the names of your employees in the column to the far left.

Once you have your employee listed, you will simply enter the letter (see legend) that applies to the time they are taking off.

You can also change the legend by clicking the item you want to edit and typing something new instead.

When you’re ready to move on to the next month, simply click the next tab to the right at the bottom of your screen.

2016 Employee Attendance Tracker Tips

  • The ‘V’ stands for “vacation” so if an employee uses their vacation hours, you will simply enter a “v” in the days they take off. the template will automatically make that cell red to indicate they were gone for vacation.
  • Notice that the final column will provide you with the total number of days your employee took off for that month as well as the total number of days missed by all your employees.
  • The 2016 Employee Attendance Tracker was designed to save you time and money by allowing you to quickly enter all this information and carry on with your day.

Now you should have everything you need to organize your employee absence schedule in the most efficient way.

Download: 2016 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

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