2016 Photo Calendar Template

Calendars have become a little boring, haven’t they? It’s 2016, so you should embrace an entirely new type of calendar to track all your important schedules. The 2016 Photo Calendar Template can help you break free of the mundane and provide you with the opportunity to express the best aspects of each month of this new and progressive year. The focus of each month is a large photo at the center, with each day of the month off to the side. You can customize your calendar each month to display something amazing. Maybe you won a competition or want to show off a picture from that awesome party. The Photo Calendar is here to make this year one to remember.

How to use the 2016 Photo Calendar Template

You’ll begin by download the free template. Simply click the link at the bottom of this page to begin downloading.

Next, you’ll start customizing the template by scrolling to your current month. The structure is the same for each month. The days of the month are listed to the right of the page.

When you have something important scheduled for a specific day, highlight that day with your mouse and make it a unique color using the “Highlight Text Color” tool at the top of your screen.
In the space below the main picture, you’ll write the day you highlighted then the details of what you have scheduled for that day. When you see a highlighted day coming up, you simply look at the text to know what you have planned.

Now it’s time for the fun part. To change the main image, you can right-click on the picture and select “Change Picture”. Just select an image from your computer to replace the stock photo.
The intent is to highlight the best and most memorable events from this month. You can even choose a picture from last year that happened in the same month.

You will be reminded of every memorable event from 2016 by using the Photo Calendar Template.

Download: 2016 Photo Calendar Template

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