2016 Simple Calendar Template

Get your chaotic schedule under control with the convenient 2016 Simple Calendar Template! The clever design of this document takes you through each month of the year and allows you to quickly enter your plans day-by-day. Technology and simplicity truly come together to create this wonderful calendar template. If you are someone that is tired of trying to recall every minute detail of your schedule, then this calendar is the perfect way to get everything in order. Download the free calendar template and start your journey towards better organization!

How to Use the 2016 Simple Calendar Template

The first step is to download the free file by clicking on the link located at the bottom of this page!

You can start to enter your schedule once you have found your current month on the document. Begin by entering a brief description of your plan on the day of the month in the calendar, under the number. Make sure you only write a one-word description in the table.

The next step is to write more detail about your plans in the “Notes” section. In this section, you can go into more detail because have a lot more space. There is an example of what to write in the January table for a school test.

In addition, the template has laid out all the major holidays and marked them in the “Notes” section. However, you can change or remove any of these by simply highlighting the text and pressing “Backspace”.

You can also change any element of the document using the “Home” and “Page Layout” ribbons at the top. Use these ribbons to change the font color or size to something more pleasing to you. You can also change the color of the table as well in the “Table Tools” section, once you click on the calendar.

If you want to print the document, simply press “File” then “Print”. Make this year yours, download the free calendar today!

Reasons to Use the2016 Monthly Notepad Calendar

  • Simple design goes with any occasion
  • Easily customizable for any year
  • Space to leave helpful notes

Download: 2016 Simple Calendar Template

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