2016 Travel Calendar

Vacations can be one of the best experiences in life. Whether you just got back from touring the Louvre museum in Paris or walked the shopping district of NYC, people always love to look back on amazing trips they’ve had. The 2016 Travel Calendar allows you to customize this free 2016 calendar and fit it with your favorite photos from your best trips. You can look back on your best memories each and every day while you plan out your schedule at the same time. Download this free Travel Calendar today to get started.

How to use the 2016 Travel Calendar

The first thing you need to do is download the file containing the 2016 Travel Calendar template. Click the link below to begin downloading.

When you open the file, you’ll see that everything you need is on one page. The months of the years are broken down into their own little tables.

Start by going through your current month and highlighting important dates. When you have completed highlighting these days, scroll down to the text box and briefly describe what you have scheduled for that day.

Now, you are free to enter your favorite vacation picture. You can even use a picture of somewhere you plan to go this year, as an exciting motivator.

You will simply right-click on the image and select “Change Picture”. You can then use the proceeding menu to navigate and select a picture from your computer.

When you have everything ready to go, just print the Travel calendar for your personal use. Click the “file” tab on the Home ribbon and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. With your physical copy of the calendar in hand, all you have to do is decide where to display it.

Track the New Year in the most exciting way possible and relieve some of those amazing moments from your last trip at the same time.

Download: 2016 Travel Calendar

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