Academic Club Budget Template

One exciting part of the educational experience is being involved in different clubs. Academic clubs offer more than just learning, but hands-on experience and social interaction as well. Popular examples of school clubs include sports, cheerleading, book clubs, computer clubs, and more. Getting involved can be both fun and rewarding to both students and teachers. Since schools aren’t made of money, clubs should be keeping a track record of their revenue and expenses. For example, clubs need to keep track of their budget so they can plan what activities they can offer students in the future.

The Academic Club budget template is a high quality, user-friendly budget tool specifically created for academic clubs to help them stay head and shoulders above water. Budgeting has never been easier with the Academic Club Budget template.

Using the Academic Club Budget template

Use the club budget template to easily view your revenue and track all your expenses. The graphics of the template update with each monetary change spanning multiple areas.  Just grab a copy of the budget template below and get started.

  • Open the academic club budget in Excel. The top of the template has three main variables: cost of trip, revenue, and expenses. We can calculate these by inputting values below.
  • In the revenues section, insert the corresponding values to each field. The revenue is made up of dues, fundraisers, donations, and other revenue. When you insert an amount, you’ll see the bar graph to the right updates according to the new changes.
  • Next up is the yearly expenses area. Paper for flyers, advertising, and decorations are the options that are currently available with monetary values next to them. Don’t be afraid to customize these expenses to fit your own needs.
  • As you update the values, the horizontal bar graph at the top of the spreadsheet will become larger or smaller, depending on your revenue and expenses. A needed amount is also refreshed every time a change is made.

Download: Academic Club Budget Template

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