Advertising Campaign Template

The Microsoft Advertising Campaign Template

Keeping track of the money you spend on advertising can be a difficult thing to do. This is because it is very easy to overspend on advertising, and it is possible to get locked into contracts that will require you to pay out money every month. In addition, money that is misspent on advertising may not bring in more business, and it may be like you are simply throwing away your business’s profits. This is why it is a very good idea to keep track of your spending with this advertising campaign template.

This advertising campaign template is completely free to download, and it can greatly help you keep track of your spending. In addition, this template is customizable, and it will actively calculate your spending.

The Advertising Campaign Template is Customizable

One great thing about this advertising campaign template is that you can easily customize it. It is possible to add extra spaces to reflect the money you spend on things like printed ads in different publications, radio ads, and the cost of marketing on the internet. You can even use this advertising campaign template to keep track of the estimated amount of business you bring in with different kinds of advertising. This will allow you to know if you are wasting money, or if it would benefit your business to spend a little bit extra.

Benefits of the Advertising Campaign Template

This advertising campaign template is setup so it will automatically calculate the figures you enter into it. This means that you can have the template automatically tell you the total amount you have spent on advertising. It can even tell you how much you have spent on things like a particular advertising strategy, and how much you have spent simply on coupons.

This advertising template can even display information in a pie chart that allows you to visualize the percentages of your spending, and you can have it keep track of the total amount you have spent during different month long periods of time. All of this information can then be compared to your total sales revenue.

Download: Advertising Campaign Template

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