Applicant Flow Log Template

A proper Applicant Flow Log is an important document for all industry types and is necessary for employers to document the regulated application process for certain positions. This template gives you an efficient way to track your new applicant and their required information, as you continue with your day.

How to Use the Flow Log

Simply download the file below and select an easily accessible location on your computer. Click on the file, containing the log, to open the template. When you have the file open, you can start editing the Applicant Flow Log and customize the information to better suit your business or non-profit organization.

While open, you can see the basic structure of the template. At the top of the page, you can enter the applicant’s important information, such as their position title and department.

The Flow template is designed for you to comfortably track multiple applicants, as anyone being considered for a position is an “applicant”, which may take a while. However, with this flow log, the time-consuming endeavor becomes as quick and painless as possible.

All of the government required information and the legend are conveniently listed at the top of the page, so all of the guesswork associated with this type of log is already done. Simply review the applicant information, fill in the blank spaces, and you’ll be all set!

Why Choose this Flow Log?

Everything you need to comply with regulations is ready and at your fingertips. Once downloaded, you are free to document your applicant information in a safe and simple process. This template was made with one goal in mind: convenience. All the information you need is easily entered and requires no more than a few words. Stay on top of your Applicant Flow Log this year in the easiest way possible.

Download: Applicant Flow Log Template

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