Bathroom Remodel Calculator

Remodeling a bathroom can become a project that is started out of necessity or because it is a dream. With so many options for each new piece that a bathroom will need, and the growing number of suppliers who sell these items at all different prices, the cost of a remodeling project can quickly go from affordable to extreme. With the help of the Bathroom Remodel Calculator, confusion about costs can be almost eliminated. Step by step, column by column, each little box in this template is easy to fill out and in the end it self tallies all of the costs that are entered into it.

How to Use the Bathroom Remodel Calculator Template

  • First, in the Name column, fill in the name of the item under the Bath/Shower heading.
  • Second, tab over to the next column, enter in the quantity of the item listed in the column that will be needed for the project.
  • Third, tab to the next column in the Bathroom Remodel Calculator, enter in the estimated amount of the item listed in the row.
  • Fourth, tab over to the next column, enter in the actual cost of the item once it has been purchased. Entering in this amount will automatically cause the last two columns in the row to tally the estimated and actual cost of the item.

Do each step for each subheading until all items have been been listed to the template. There is room at the bottom of this template to put in the actual cost of any unexpected costs which may occur during the bathroom remodeling. The very last row in the template will automatically calculate the total amount for the project.

Tips for Using the Bathroom Remodel Calculator Template

  • Click to save the template often as information is entered into it to keep any precious information from being lost.
  • The Bathroom Remodel Calculator template can be saved by store name while obtaining quotes for items needed for the remodel and here is where a true indicator of what the dream bathroom will actually cost.

This calculator will keep the budget hopefully on track and keep the actual cost lower too. With the template it will be easy to see who has the best deal, and which items are costing the most.

Download: Bathroom Remodel Calculator

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