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When you are pregnant, everyone that you know is always asking about your baby and when you are due. If you want to let everyone know that you had your baby, and provide them with some information about the birth, consider using this Birth Announcement Template.

Using the Birth Announcement Template can save you some time after you have had your baby. Taking care of a newborn baby is exhausting, and you often don’t have time to do anything else. The template is available for free download, and it takes little time to fill out your personal information. The template is fully customizable so that you can include all of the details that you wish.

How to Use the Birth Announcement Template

  • First, add the name of your newborn onto the card. You will also want to input your baby’s height, weight and time of birth onto the card.
  • Second, insert a picture of your newborn baby. You can choose any photo that you want, and you can even include two pictures side by side if you would like.
  • Third, you will want to print of the announcement cards of a printer. You can print them at home, or you can take them to a store and have them printed for you.

Tips for Using the Birth Announcement Template

  • First, using a printer company saves you time and energy. They can also print the cards for you with photo ink on glossy paper so that the cards look professional.
  • Second, you can print out the templates so that there are two announcements on the card and cut them out, or you can print them out onto 4×6 inch sheets of papers. You can also adjust the size of the cards as well.
  • Third, You can change the color scheme of the card so that it can be used with a baby boy as well. You can also use a neutral color if you have a boy and a girl.

Having a baby is time consuming, and you might not have time for anything else. If you want to notify your friends and family of your newborn, then using the Birth Announcement Template is perfect. Your friends and family will always have a reminder of the newest addition to your family.

Download: Birth Announcement Template

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