Break Even Chart

FREE Break Even Chart Excel

A break even chart helps businesses determine when they will begin to cover all of their expenses and start making a profit. Various businesses and individuals can receive the break even chart template at the link below. The template is FREE, customizable to excel, and easy to use – plus it is easily downloadable from the internet. The template provides an easy and convenient way for businesses to manage their finances and their production output.

How to Use the Break Even Analysis Chart

  • First download the template from
  • Fill in the companies data such as name, phone numbers, and email. Also include the companies mission statement if acceptable.
  • Fill the template with the data that is supposed to be analyzed and make sure that the labels on the boxes are correct. Fortunately the template excel document is very efficient and it is very easy to use in it’s current form.
  • After the data is filled up the template will produce a break even analysis chart which can be used to further investigate the companies production output.
  • Don’t forget to save the break even chart excel document with the appropriate to whatever computer the business is using.

Why Download a Break Even Chart for Excel?

The advantages of using an break even analysis chart include knowing the time limitation on recovering from an investment. Also it can help businesses determine when they should expect a profit and they can plan accordingly if for some reason they don’t reach their goal. Another advantage business have when they use a break even chart is they can prevent loss or try to manage loss the best they can. It helps businesses budget their money and it can be also used to indicate how the changes in variable cost/fixed cost relationship that affect the business’s profit levels.

Overall, businesses can use the template to their greatest advantage. By determining how much money is actually coming into the business, they can plan accordingly their business investments in the future. There is no reason businesses should not incorporate this template into their businesses.

Download the Break Even Chart from Microsoft Office: Break Even Chart

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