Church Membership Certificate

Free Church Membership Certificate

Everyone enjoys being part of a family, whether it is biological, extended, or a church family. Microsoft Word offers a template to make your membership official. The template for the Church Membership Certificate can be used for all church sizes.

It prints on a standard size page of 8.5 x11 inches. This template is available for free on this page. It is user-friendly and can be custom designed to meet your needs. The design can reflect your individual style and preference that best fit your church and members. Best of all, the Church Membership Certificate can be downloaded directly from this page.

How to Use the Church Membership Certificate

  • Download the template. The first step is to download the template, which is accessible from this page. The download should start immediately, or you may have to manually download. A box will then open for you to go to the next step.
  • Save the template. Once the dialog box opens from the previous step, you want to Save the File to the location of your choice. You can save it to your default location, or save it to another place on your computer or on a flash drive for portable use.
  • Open the template. The next step is to find the file you just saved on your computer, or external device. You will then open the file using Microsoft Word, which should be the default option.
  • Customize the template. This is the fun part where you are able to customize the template to fit your preferences. This includes the background color, font style and font size. This is also where you enter the member’s name and your church name. You can either use the pre-filled wording, or use your own wording for the template.

Tips for Using the Church Membership Certificate

  • Upon starting the download, you may get a message displaying a Microsoft service agreement. You will need to read this and click Accept to continue.
  • It is a great idea to save your certificates for each church member. This way, if you have to reprint the document, all the information is still there.
  • The original template should be save separately and used as a reference as needed when creating future certificates.

This template will show your members they are officially recognized as part of your church. They can frame and display the certificate to show everyone their church affiliation. It will be something they treasure and are proud to acknowledge.

Download: Church Membership Certificate

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