College Comparison Template

Deciding which college to go to can be one of the toughest decisions a person must make in their lifetime. This decision will affect the rest of that person’s life. Since such a big decision must be made, one must prepare every way they can. The factors to evaluate before picking a college appear to be almost endless. The most important of these factors of these include application information, financial needs, grade requirements, and the areas surrounding the college. The free College Comparison template can help sort this and much more information to help students decide exactly where they want to continue their education.

Using the free College Comparison Template

Get a copy of the free college comparison template near the end of the page. Once you open it in Excel, you’ll see the many factors we can help you prepare for by using the template.

  • In the rows for Schools, enter the name of each school that you’re applying for. If you need more columns for schools, just add them yourself.
  • Record the general information for each college in the designated area. Location, size, and rank are the most important aspects in this section.
  • The next steps are to record admission information like address, contact person, and application fee. This is followed by the requirements section which is comprised of different test score information and personal documentation.
  • Information for widely-dreaded financing follows next, where the student needs to enter information about tuition and other costs. Non-academic activities and information concerning the areas surrounding the school are the last sections of the college comparison that need to be completed.

College Comparison Template Tips

  • Instead of just plain college names, insert logos into the “Schools” row at the top of the template.
  • There are two ways for students to complete the helpful college comparison sheet. To save time and money, most people just save it to their computer and fill it out from there. It’s much easier to fill out the template as you look up information on the web.

Download: College Comparison Template

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