Controllable Time Worksheet

Time management is one of the most crucial parts of business. A controllable time worksheet allows you to calculate the amount of time you spend working each day. Using an Excel template, you will have the simple format on one easy-to-read sheet. The template is available for free on this page, so you can get started right away. You will also notice that the template can easily be customized to fit your needs. Download the controllable time worksheet right here and see just how easy it is to manage your time.

Get Organized with a Controllable Time Worksheet

A controllable time worksheet has a number of different purposes. It allows you to see exactly where your efforts are going while working on a job. You can then use this data to help you better budget your time. The optional to-do list helps you check off completed tasks or make notes on tasks that still need to be done.

Because the controllable time worksheet template is in Excel format, you can easily modify the contents. This makes adapting the worksheet to fit your business needs very easy. You can use this sheet to monitor your own time, or you can give the sheet to your employees to fill out. You can add or remove fields as you see fit, giving you the ultimate control over your worksheet.

Use the controllable time worksheet to help you:

  • Schedule your day
  • Monitor employee activity
  • Calculate hours worked
  • Keep a detailed record

Using this template is really easy. Simply download the template and open Excel. Once loaded, you can add in your information. Then save and print. You’ll have much better records that you can use later on.

Most importantly, this template will save you time. It takes a long time to build a template to use daily. The process can get even lengthier if you need to design a template for your employees as well. This straightforward template allows you to gather this information quickly and present it in an easy-to-read way. No one will question the data on the sheet because it is neat and organized.

Download: Controllable Time Worksheet

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