Critical Path Management Template

The Critical Path Management Template is the perfect way for business owners and project managers to properly organize their work projects in an effective way. This free document is structured around the sound Critical Path method that breaks projects down to their core elements. This solution has been proven to provide leaders with the tools they need to develop a working strategy to chip away at their project with the help of their staff and finish the projects on time and under-budget. To learn more about this method and download the template for yourself, simply follow the guide below.

Using the Critical Path Management Template

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “When do I want to start my project and when do I want it finished?”

You can list both the start and end dates of your project at the top of the page. Your Critical Path Management Template will also show the days until completion of your project as well.

In the main table below, you will assign tasks their own IDs. These tasks should be step-by-step tools that will eventually lead to the completion of your project as a whole. Assigning them IDs will make it easier for you to assign project associates to the individual task.

In the “Predecessors” section, you will enter the number of “subtasks” it will take to complete the entire task you have listed.
You will then list the likeliness of the task being completed on time (Use the O-M-P system above). To see what a term means in the Critical Path Management Template, just hover over it.

Finally, if you have any special time changes that need to be applied to your schedule, you can enter that in the sections marked ES, EF, LS, etc. These are used for “Late Start” and items like that.

The information you enter will be shown in the graph below to illustrate your progress on each task.

Why You Should Use the Critical Path Management Template

  • Keeps track of hour and schedule abnormalities.
  • Your project is displayed on a single page.
  • Reusable for all your projects in the future.

Download: Critical Path Project Management Sheet

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