Customer Service Resume Template

Writing a resume can be extremely tedious (especially if you are new to writing resumes and/or do not know how to update your resume). If you are looking for assistance on how to write your resume, Microsoft Office offers a free customer service resume template that is downloadable, customizable and easy-to-use. Thanks to the template available on this page, anyone in the customer service profession can easily build their resume at no cost to the user.

How to Download the Customer Service Resume Template

Once you have selected the resume template you wish to use, please read the following steps:

  • Click Download. By clicking download, the page will reload into a new page, asking you to accept the Microsoft Service Agreement.
  • Click Accept. By clicking accept, you are now free to download your template. Once you hit download, it will either pop up in another window if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox or it will show on the bottom of your internet browser if you are using Google Chrome.
  • Open the Downloaded .doc or .docx File. Depending on which Microsoft Word you use, the file will automatically open into a Microsoft Word template

Working with the Customer Service Resume Template

Once your customer service resume template opens in your Microsoft Word, you are now free to work with your resume. Here are some tips to follow when working with the template:

  • Copy and Paste the Template into a New Word File. By doing this, you can simply follow one template as your guideline while the other document will be the one you work with.
  • Follow Your Guideline Carefully. The templates are easy to use and easy to follow, so the guideline will make the process much easier for you.

When building a strong resume for a new job application or just to update your current working status, you want to have your resume look and sound professional. The customization of your resume via Microsoft’s customer service resume template allows you to freely update your working status whenever is convenient to you. The template is easy to download and use (no matter the year of your office suite).

Download: Customer Service Resume Template

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