Dual Type Rent Receipt Template

Organizing your tenant’s rent information every month can be a hassle. After a few years this information starts to pile up! To help with that, you can easily personize this template to hold all that data in one file. The layout is structured so that you can quickly enter your information and choose the color scheme and type of currency you want to use. After that, you’ll be all set to start logging your tenant rent checks into one simple document.

Dual Type Rent Receipt Template Instructions

The Receipt Template is a great way to store important financial information and give your tenants peace of mind with a convenient receipt copy. To get started, download the file below and click on the new document to open it.

The “Settings” tab will be where you do the bulk of the customization. Simply type in the bracketed areas with your business’s information, this will change the template on the next tab, titled “Rent Receipt”. On this tab, you can view the printable sheet containing three checks. All you need to do is type in the new information in each cell and print a copy for yourself and your tenant.

The third tab is for adding even more detail to your rent receipts. This sheet includes a detachable rent receipt slip on the side. With this tab, there is no need to print duplicates; you just keep the rent receipt slip and you’ll have all the same information and save some money on printing paper.

When all the information for your receipt has been entered into the template, you can print the document and start sending them to your tenants! Simply press the “File” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the page and press “Print”.

Top 3 Features of the Dual Type Rent Receipt Template

  • Offers multiple options for layouts.
  • Easily change all your information on one page.
  • Convenient cutting lines to keep the receipts neat and tidy!

Download: Dual Type Rent Receipt Template

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