Easy Business Cleaning Schedule

A clean workplace is not only a necessity for regulatory reasons, it also shows your customers what kind of business you’re operating from only a glance. That’s why it’s so important to keep a clean workspace. The best way to finally get your business clean for day-to-day operations is by using the Easy Business Cleaning Schedule. The cleaning template provides you with a comprehensive way to make sure each of your departments have been thoroughly cleaned by one of your employees. Simply enter the items that need to be cleaned each day and assign someone to the task. No more dirty windows that will have customers filing back in their cars. Take control of your business and it’s hygiene, download this free template today.

How to Use the Easy Business Cleaning Schedule

After downloading the free Cleaning Schedule template you can start to customize this schedule to fit the needs for your business.

Each section is made to represent a department of your store. However, you can change these by simply highlighting over the text and typing an area you want to be covered on the list.

The top table will help you organize the main area of your store and enter the frequency of cleaning. Start in the first column and write the item you want cleaning. This can be anything from dishes to sweeping the floor.

If you need to use a certain cleaning agent, list this item in the second column of the document. You will do the same with the third column by listing any protective equipment that may need to be worn.

The final item that you will need to enter is the frequency of the item that needs to be cleaned. Simply highlight the block for the day that you want someone to perform this task. When they have completed this assignment, they will write their signature in the final column of the template.

Now you can keep your business neat and tidy with the free Easy Business Cleaning Schedule.

Download: Easy Business Cleaning Schedule

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