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Email has become a standard for of communication, especially in the business media. It is how we communicate with friends, family, coworkers and business clients. Emails to friends and family is a lot less formal but for everyone else it is great to have an Email Checklist to ensure that the email is professional and everything is correct before being sent on to a client, boss or coworker for example. The email checklist is pretty self explanatory but a great way to make sure that everything is covered and nothing is left out – especially with all the interruptions that can happen while attempting to send an email in the office.

Using the Microsoft Email Checklist

Microsoft has created a Email Checklist which is available for download on this page. There is absolutely no cost and you can edit it to have it best work for you or your company policies today. When you first download the Email Checklist it will come populated with the following information to check before pressing “Send”:

  • Does this e-mail message make sense? Are the actions clear and do they have owners?
  • Does the e-mail message meet the MPS P.A.S.S test? (What is the purpose of this communication; What action is involved and does it have a due date; What supporting information does the recipient need; Has the communication been effectively summarized in the subject line?)
  • Is the message well-written? Is it concise while providing enough data for action to be taken or decisions made?
  • Do the links in the message work? Are the attachments included?
  • Is the e-mail message being sent to the correct recipients (not too many and not too few)?
  • Does everyone on the To line have an action to take?
  • Has the message been re-checked for grammar, spelling, and use of jargon?

Most of this is common sense in regards to the Email Checklist, but you can understand how common interruptions in the office workplace can easily get you sidetracked from your original thoughts. A telephone call, speaking to a coworker or boss, another email, etc. can all be distractions and an easy deterrent in leaving out one of these important features. Leaving things out can cause confusion, additional work, and even consequences preventing deadlines from not being met. Take advantage of the Email Checklist today and let it help keep you on track!

Download: Email Checklist

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