Employee Attendance Record

Free Employee Attendance Record

For a company to foster growth, it needs efficient resources and a reliable management team. Speed and accuracy are key factors to make sure that the operation runs smoothly. Tracking staff adherence to work schedule is a taxing responsibility, especially for managers who oversee medium to large-based corporations. Fortunately, there’s a customizable employee attendance record calendar to make the job a lot easier.

Free, Downloadable Employee Attendance Record Template

Cutting cost is always a priority for businesses. This cost-free template has a user-friendly layout. Supervisors can effortlessly track their employee statistics weekly, monthly or yearly. It is the absolute resource to store up-to-the-minute data of their activities, based on the company’s preferred standards. In addition, users can create and download as many copies of their finished templates as needed. The sheet already includes the dates and months of the calendar year. Once downloaded, the user can get access to the customizable copy and make changes in Microsoft Excel 2013.

How to Customize Employee Attendance Record Template

  • Firstly, download the calendar template and save it. The layout is perfect to record employee sick leave, vacation, active work days and P.T.O. (Paid Time Off).
  • Secondly, use colored indicators of choice to mark the dates according to the colors used on the key statistics graph.
  • Lastly, print the finished copy and keep in mind that it is possible to create multiple prints.

Employee Attendance Record Calendar User Tips

  • Be sure to mark employees absent or present according to their occupancy because this affects the total record. In the end, such an error can cause the company to lose money or an employee to receive an incorrect salary.
  • Take the time to revise all entries properly, before showing employees or other management bodies.
  • Another all-important tip is that the user saves a copy to create copies in the future.

Automating a company’s employee occupancy report with a free employee attendance record calendar is a forward-thinking solution to improve production. It reduces operating cost and quickens the flow of all processes. Download it free, right here.

Download: Employee Attendance Record

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