Employee Emergency Information Form

Free Employee Emergency Information Form

The Human Resource Department requires that all employees submit an Employee Emergency Information Form that is completely filled out. This is a vital form that should contain all the employees personal data and contact information for emergency purposes. This form is usually saved in the office files for quick retrieval. Smart companies make sure that they include the Employee Emergency Information Form in their employee files. The form is for the employees safety and the employers peace of mind should an emergency occur.

How to Use the Employee Emergency Information Form

  • First, get started by downloading the completely free Employee Emergency Information Form that is fully customizable. Fill out the entire form. Add important data like employee identification number, department, name, address, telephone number.
  • Next, set up the fields that are required for contacting another individual in an emergency. Set up at least one contact field.
  • Third, set up fields to fully customize the names and secondary contact information. This is important information for company records.

Tips for Using the Employee Emergency Information Form

  • First, this might be the only emergency contact information that the company has on file. Add specific information that would apply directly to that employee.
  • Second, make sure that there is a back up plan in place for the information. Store a copy of the form on disk. Store copies in a physical file. Give a copy to the employee for their records.
  • Third, make sure that all supervisors and medical staff in the building have a copy of the form in the event of an emergency. This is for legal purposes to protect the company and to protect the employee.

All companies that have employees are required to keep copies of an Employee Emergency Information Form in their files. This form is designed to include all the basic information that a company would require in emergency circumstances. It is also easy to add other important data fields. Use this free to download and fully customizable template to streamline the process for your company.

Download: Employee Emergency Information Form

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