Employee Satisfaction Survey

Free Employee Satisfaction Survey

The Employee Satisfaction Survey is a powerful tool for any employer or organization for building a dialogue with employees and for increasing employee satisfaction. It is a quick and easy way to find areas of concern and opportunities for improvement in employee relations. It is a bridge between employers and employees, an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of employees to the success of the organization. Prudent employers do not let issues grow into problems, use the survey and develop a meaningful discussion today.

Clear the Air With Employee Satisfaction Survey

Some business tools are expensive, and some are particularly useful, when they are free and useful, and it is a perfect combination, an option every business should utilize. The free download is available on the page, and once on a computer it is free to keep and use. The survey form and content are customizable. This is an essential step because employees must maintain a connection to the task in order to maximize benefits. Employees must have a clear understanding that this effort expresses management’s concern for them.

The survey is a beginning rather than an ending. It is an essential first step in a dialogue that will enable future discussions, actions, and follow-up. Employee relations are not a static system, it is a dynamic that changes over time as events or conditions change.

How to Use the Employee Satisfaction Survey

  1. Open the file as a Word or Office document.
  2. Fill in the custom areas for the organization
  3. Add or edit questions.
  4. Print an amount with plenty of extra copies.
  5. Save the document as a template for future use

Tips on Using the Employee Satisfaction Survey

  • Customize the template for the organization, it is vital for employees to connect with this task, as something for their company.
  • Arrange a follow-up session where employees can openly discuss issues identified in the employee satisfaction survey with managers.
  • After the follow-up and agreement on areas of improvement, arrange a meeting to discuss the impact of the improvements.
  • Consider organizational changes such as employee committees to improve communications and encourage ongoing positive steps to improve employee relations.

Download: Employee Satisfaction Survey

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