Excel Heat Chart

Excel Heat Chart

The free Excel Heat Chart template is the ultimate new way to keep track your heat map based on the number of people in an area.
The free template is an Excel file that you can use to keep track of temperatures over any span you choose.

Using this template, you’ll be able to create useful data that can help people better understand the changes in temperature based on population. To get started with your free Excel Heat Chart template, simply follow the guide provided below.

Using the Excel Heat Chart

Downloading the free template is as simple as clicking the link at the bottom of this page. You can then follow the simple set of instructions below to learn how to use this free document.

1. This template give you an overview of the data in the form of heat maps
2. You can select different data sets for data selection
3. In order to enter your data, go to the “Data” sheet. You can change the name of the data range and start entering the data
4. You can enter the holidays by going to the “Holidays” sheet and enter the date and the holiday
5. Now you can select your data by going to either one of the sheets i.e. “4-year”, “1-Year”, or “Multiple” sheets and select your data range.
6. You can also change the color of the layout and heat maps by going to Page Layout > Colors (Under Themes) and selecting your fav layout scheme

Just as the instructions indicate, you’ll enter all your data in the “Data” tab. When you finish with that, you can move on to the different yearly views to see the changes over the time in various graphs and charts.

You can also see changes in major holidays, as they see a lot more foot traffic from area to area.
Download the free Excel Heat Chart template today to start documenting your temperature information.

Download: Excel Heat Chart

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