Free Check Register Template

Free Check Register Template from Microsoft

Overdrafting your checking account doesn’t only attract a myriad of additional bank fees; it also leaves an ugly stain on your credit report. Do it too much and your bank can close your accounts and report you to a national consumer credit agency like ChexSystems®.

Banks use these reporting agency’s to determine whether they will allow you to open a bank account and are likely to deny you with too many big ugly X’s. Using our free check register template is a simple and effective way to track your spending, and avoid the costly consequences of overdrafting.

How-to-Use Your Free Check Register Template

  1. First, download the easy-to-use and free check register template here on this page.
  2. Begin by entering the number for the account you will be tracking in the appropriate column heading.
  3. Next place the value of your starting balance in the first space in the deposit column.
  4. Place values in the cells of the deposit and withdrawal columns according to each particular transaction you have made
  5. Add the appropriate transaction or check number in the space next to its corresponding transaction
  6. The balance column automatically updates based o the values you entered into the deposit and withdrawal columns

Tips for Using Your Free Check Register Template

  • Start by reviewing all the functional aspects of the free check register template so you are familiar with what-goes-where.
  • Take care when entering values into their corresponding areas. One small mistake can offset your entire register and result in a misrepresentation of your balance.
  • You can also factor in earned interest from your accounts by calculating amounts and entering them into the deposit column.
  • Making use of the check number column can help you compare the transactions on you bank statement to your own records, and easily identify mistakes and instances of fraud. Using the corresponding description areas makes recalling certain transactions a breeze.
  • Be sure to utilize all the account identification areas to help make the filing and retrieving of past registers easier.
  • Further customize your free check register template by adding columns and categories that better meets your needs.

Download: Free Check Register Template

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