Fundraising Goal Thermometer

Free Fundraising Goal Thermometer

From school projects, environmental awareness or for community programming, a Fundraising Goal Thermometer is an ideal tool for any group or organization to have. Using this beautiful Fundraising Goal Thermometer template, users can keep the excitement of their latest achievements roaring while keeping track of all the latest progress.

Using the Fundraising Goal Thermometer Template

The Fundraising Goal Thermometer template is made easy to use so that young adults to intermediate PC users can simply complete and assemble within minutes. Users can access the Fundraising Goal Thermometer for free when choosing to download it from this page. Once the download process has been completed, users can then customize the template with their specific needs and designs. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Users must first have access to Microsoft software, which is necessary for the easy functioning of this template.
  2. Once downloaded, the template opens using Microsoft Publisher. Publisher is a program quite similar to Word, because it has all of the familiar custom tools, but more options.
  3. Featuring an ensemble of 8 pages, the Fundraising Goal Thermometer can be printed for a large display at any room, show, or hall that the kids and adults will love.
  4. On 15″ by 40″ paper, the fundraising template hosts a white background with red, yellow, and blue colored designs with a default banner heading the first page.
  5. The user can input their own heading into the default space in order to better represent their own fundraising event.
  6. With fundraising goals already set as a default from ten thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars, users can adjust the numbers according to their own given meet.
  7. Afterwards, fill in the text box for the official address of the organization, group, or event so that contributors can gain more information on the fundraiser.

Extra Custom tips:

  • Depending on the event, users can get creative by choosing a completely different color scheme to match the event: a bake sale for a children’s hospital, a dog shelter, or art project.
  • Using fun fonts offered from the toolbar are cool and personal touches that make the kids and adults get excited and feel more connected.
  • Users can add personal pictures or event pictures in efforts to create a more intimate experience.
  • Users can print as many templates as necessary, or monitor their progress by changing statistics on their computer.

Download: Fundraising Goal Thermometer

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