Immunization Template Tracker

Keeping track of your medical records can now be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse by using the Immunization Template Tracker. This convenient template is just the thing you need to keep and provide a detailed medical report for your doctor. Not only will you be able to search for shots you need to stay updated on, but you will also have a helpful log of vaccines you’ve already received, in case you ever go traveling. To learn more about this free template and download it for yourself, simply read the list of instructional guides below.

Using the Immunization Template Tracker

The first step you need to take is downloading the free template file to your computer by clicking the link provided for you below.

Next, enter your personal information the first section of the Immunization Template, in the required cells above. You will enter your name, birthdate, and any medical notes that might be relevant.

For the main table, you can enter any vaccines that you’ve already received in the first column. There will be a few examples shown, but you can easily change these by clicking the cell and entering something new to overwrite it.

With your vaccines in place, go through the columns and start to enter the type, date, doctor, and the date of the next dose that you need to receive of that specific vaccine.

The table to the far right is just a continuation of your vaccine list so you would simply follow the same set of instructions to fill that out as well.

In the last space of the Immunization Template, you can list more notes. Typically, you would want to include vaccines that you need and have not received yet so you remember to get them later. Stay on top of your health with this free template.

Download: Immunization Template Tracker

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