Interview Preparation Checklist

The interview is the real first impression that a prospective employer will get. The interview process is also the means by which employers determine pay raises, promotions, and how the performance of their employees. Using an interview preparation checklist can help keep train of thought as well as appearance together and professional looking.

How to Use the Interview Preparation Checklist

The first thing that will need to be done is to log on to the site and access the interview preparation checklist. Use of the template is absolutely free. It is also easy to enter information onto the template, as well as print out or remit to another location through email.

Using the template is also quite easy. Simply enter the data that is needed, save it and then print. If the individual cares to enter the information manually, they can print out the blank document for use during the interview process.

How to Get the Most Out of the Interview Preparation Checklist

One of the best ways to maximize the use of the interview preparation checklist is to formulate a plan of action. Know the individual that will be interviewed. Review their file, and look at assessments made by other managers and employees. Once one is familiar with whom will be interviewed, then go through the checklist and highlight or remove questions that one will not find pertinent for the interview in question.

Be familiar with what will be asked and the type of answers that are being sought out. This will aid in keeping the train of thought steady and on track as well as keeping the agenda for the interview plausible and comprehensive. If questions are not on the template that one desires to ask, be sure to add them in the notes section of the template, or simply write them on the back of the printed out form.

So, in summary:

  • Know the interviewee
  • Formulate a course of action
  • Be familiar with the template
  • Add key questions
  • Remove unnecessary questions
  • Stay calm

Interviewing success is well within the grasp of any manager. Keeping on track during the interview process is a snap when using the tools that can enhance productivity and aid with asking the right questions at the right time. Most of all, be confident in one’s abilities, stay calm, and look the interviewee/interviewer in the eye.

Download: Interview Preparation Checklist

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