Inventory Spreadsheet Template

The inventory spreadsheet template is a simple to use tool that could be used for keep track of almost anything. This easy-to-use template could serve as an inventory checklist of items in stock for small business owners, or even for a handy way to keep track of items within a home for insurance purposes. Music as well as movie enthusiasts have found that using an inventory list to keep track of items owned, when they purchased them, and where they are located makes their life much easier. The same inventory list is useful in classrooms, exercise classes, and even for the in home pantry. If organization is essential for a smooth running life than keep a copy of this easy to use template on hand and apply it to anything that needs to be kept track of.

How to Use the Inventory Spreadsheet Template

  • First, download the template under its original name and save it in a location on the computer that is easy to find.
  • Second, open the template by double clicking on it and fill in the inventory information. This information could include things like item name, description, date acquired, and number of that item that is owned. Tabbing works beautifully in this template and makes moving to the next field much easier.
  • Third, save the file to an easy to access place on the computer. When saving the file this time use a name that corresponds to the items in the inventory.

Tips for Using the Inventory Spreadsheet Template

  • Be sure to update the template each and every time an item has been newly acquired so that the template is current.
  • Be sure to make another copy of the saved template so that if a computer issue arises a backup is on hand.
  • Remember that the inventory spreadsheet template is completely customizable and different items can be in different colors for easier viewing.
  • A nifty little tip for the inventory spreadsheet template is that it can be saved, under different names, so that it can be used time and again for other inventories that the user would like to track.

Download: Inventory Spreadsheet Template

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