Kindergarten Diploma Template

Screenshot of the Kindergarten Diploma Template

Completing Kindergarten is the first big step in a child’s educational career. It signifies the ending of one chapter in a child’s life and the beginning of another, so it is something that should be honored and celebrated. Many teachers feel that it is important to document this achievement with a Kindergarten Diploma, and the process of creating these is made easy with a Kindergarten Diploma Template. A diploma template provides a clean and professional look that can be personalized to each child in the graduating class.

How to Use the Kindergarten Diploma Template

  • The first step in the process is to download the free Kindergarten Diploma Template available right here and open the file in PowerPoint. PowerPoint allows a lot of different options for customization of the diploma. The template has a universal design that easily accommodates any school.
  • The second step is to start customizing the template by clicking on the different sections. The editable child’s name and school’s name are indicated in brackets so that they are easy to locate. The description at the bottom can even be personalized if needed.
  • The last step is to save the file and print. Start back at step one for the remainder of the diplomas. The Kindergarten Diploma Template is very easy-to-use and takes very little time to complete.

Tips for Using the Kindergarten Diploma Template

  • The Kindergarten Diploma Template is completely customizable, so the fonts and the font colors can be changed as well. Simply highlight what needs to be changed and the options will be shown in the Format Menu of PowerPoint.
  • The Signature and Date lines in the template are intended to be hand-signed, so these sections will not need to be edited on a computer.
  • There will likely be many copies of this diploma being saved, so it is a good idea to save them with different file names. Saving all of these documents to a separate folder is an easy way to keep all of them organized and in one place.

Download: Kindergarten Diploma Template

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