Monthly Meal Planner Template

FREE Monthly Meal Planner Template

If your goal is to lose weight or simply to improve your health the single most important step is to keep track of what you eat. However in today’s fast paced society it can be very difficult to manage how much we are actually consuming in a single day. A monthly meal planner will give you an easy way to prepare a full balanced diet without having to worry about counting individual meals and snacks.

The monthly meal planner template is fully customizable around an individual’s needs and simply requires the user to insert the meals and snacks they will be eating throughout the month. In addition the template is free for use and available for download at any time.

How to Use the Monthly Meal Planner Template

  • First, adjust the dates to reflect when you want to plan your meals and save the changes. You can extend the template as far into the future as you require by copy and pasting the fields further below.
  • Second, begin filling out your planned meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and various snacking periods. If you eat fewer or more meals throughout the day delete or add rows as necessary.
  • Third, all you need to do is follow your plan to be assured that you are eating a healthy diet.

Tips for Using the Monthly Meal Planner Template

  • If you happen to miss a meal or eat something unscheduled you can go back and add it into the planner. Looking back on those days you can see what you ate and better plan out what to eat in the future
  • It may be tempting to skip snacks in the quest for a healthier diet but keep in mind that you should eat something, even a small handful of nuts, fruits or granola, about every 2.5 hours to unsure that your body has enough energy to carry it to the next meal.
  • Looking back on a past month can be an excellent way to target specific foods to cut out your diet in later months. If you notice that you are drinking too much of a particular soft drink or snack, you can make an extra effort to avoid them in the future.

Use the monthly meal planner template available on to keep track of what your body is consuming.

Download the Monthly Meal Planner Template from Microsoft Office: Monthly Meal Planner Template

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