Negotiation Planning Checklist

Whenever you enter into negotiations it is good to have an idea of what to expect and have a plan of how to best handle whatever negotiating tactics may come up. When doing this it is helpful to use a Negotiation Planning Checklist. You can download this easy to use checklist right here for free. It is fully customizable so you can alter it to fit your personal needs.

How to Use the Negotiation Planning Checklist

  1. Download the checklist for free right here on this page. Save it to your hard drive so that you don’t lose it.
  2. Read over the checklist carefully. Add and remove questions as you see fit. Make the most of the questions that you think that you are going to need.
  3. Save a copy of the customized checklist so that you can use it for future negotiations.
  4. Answer all of the questions in as much detail as possible. The more that you cover in your answers, the more prepared that you will be when the negotiation time comes.
  5. Set an appointment time for the negotiation and go over your completed Negotiation Planning Checklist before you enter into the negotiations. This should help you be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Tips for Using the Negotiation Planning Checklist

  • When you customize the checklist be sure to think of any questions that might be relevant. You don’t want to be caught unprepared for any of their negotiating tactics.
  • Be sure to save a copy after you customize the checklist. This way you can use it for future negotiations.
  • Be detailed in your answers. Being prepared is the best way to gain an advantage during negotiations.
  • Prepare responses for every possible negotiating tactic that they might try to use. Include these responses in your answers on the Negotiation Planning Checklist.
  • Try to remain calm if you are surprised by anything they do. Make a note of it and add it to your checklist for use in future negotiations.

This Negotiation Planning Checklist can be an invaluable tool for use during negotiations. It is easy to use and fully customizable. Download a copy for free today.

Download: Negotiation Planning Checklist

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