Personal Expense Calculator

Microsoft Personal Expense Calculator

Managing your personal expenses is of the utmost importance to avoid potential pitfalls in the future. Maintaining an accurate record of your finances can also you help to plan for fun and exciting vacations or events as you continue your daily grind. Now, you can stay on top of all of your expenditures with the new personal expense calculator

With the personal expense calculator from Microsoft, you get a clear and accurate picture of all of your personal and household expenses. Those who keep a monthly budget know how important it is to save money wherever and whenever you can. That’s why the Microsoft personal expense calculator is available for free on this page. Simply click on the link to begin using the expense calculator today!

How to Use the Microsoft Personal Expense Calculator

The personal expense calculator is an Excel template from Microsoft. After downloading and opening, you will notice three tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. The tabs include:

  • Dashboard
  • Expense Log
  • Category Setup

The category setup page is where you will add all of your financial categories. As designed, the categories include housing, daily expenditures, transportation, and entertainment/fun. As you continue working with the personal expense calculator, keep in mind that all aspects of the template are customizable. You can tweak and adjust the calculator so that it meets all of your needs.

After adding the categories, it’s time to move on to the subcategories. For instance, for housing, you can include the subcategories rent, phone, internet, water, electricity, etc. Continue adding subcategories until all of your expenditures are listed.

On the page titles “Expense Log”, you will keep digital track of each purchase you make. You can prioritize items by date purchased, category, subcategory or amount spent.

The final tab, titled “Dashboard”, will reveal all of your expenses in bar graph form.

Get the Microsoft Personal Expense Calculator Free Today!

For most people, keeping a budget is a very important part of life. You can make this monotonous task easier with the personal expense calculator from Microsoft. Download the Microsoft personal expense calculator for free and get to work on your budget today!

Download: Personal Expense Calculator

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