Personal Expenses Calculator

Ever take a look at your bank account and wonder just where all your money has gone? You’re not alone! Many people don’t properly track their expenses at all and end up speechless when they discover the vast black emptiness deep inside their wallet. Tracking your personal expenses will help you find out exactly what activities and bills are using up the most of your precious cash. Tools like the free interactive Personal Expenses Calculator act as a savior for many by providing visual feedback about cash flow.

Using the Excel Personal Expenses Calculator

To help break down expenses for the user, the expense calculator uses very descriptive categories relating to expenses to provide easy to follow feedback. There are even subcategories to aid users by showing more specific spending information.

  • Download your free Personal Expenses Calculator template and open it in MS Excel. The dashboard is the first page to be shown. The expense bar graph is the main attraction here, making it painfully obvious where you’re putting all your money.
  • The second worksheet in this spreadsheet, entitled Expense Log, has all the information used to populate the main bar graph. Using the current data as a guide, insert all your charges for the month, one by one. Don’t leave anything out.
  • While populating this list, make sure to set categories and subcategories. From the Dashboard, you’ll be able to click on a category or subcategory tab and get exact information about charges relating to it. Go back to the main Dashboard worksheet to test it out.
  • The dashboard should display new bar graphs with your information. Try clicking on a category or subcategory button below it. Notice how the bar graph displays information relating to that one single section? The interactivity here will show you up close and possibly stunning news about your expenses relating to each category.

Once you start using the interactive Personal Expenses Calculator, don’t forget to keep the spreadsheet up to date. You’ll be able to plan a budget and save money using all the information you’ve been compiling.

Download: Excel Personal Expenses Calculator

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