Pre Retirement Checklist

Free Pre Retirement Checklist

Planning for your future retirement has shown to help ensure a better chance for a positive outcome during a time that can be unpredictable. Last-minute planning can open the door to mistakes or missing a part of the plan that could effect those delicate stages of life after retirement, this is where the Pre Retirement Checklist comes in. First step in your Pre Retirement Checklist is to set goals and objectives with a time line that shows when you would like to complete certain tasks.

This free and downloadable template can help put all your life information in an organized matter that will help you through your retirement journey. Goals concerning your lifestyle, health, finances, and legal implications are all covered and easily accessed from one area, eliminating the risk of losing pieces of your plan due to separate paperwork for the different categories making up your retirement package. Most people wait until their 50’s to start their planning which can be a little late, not giving you enough time to make any changes if needed. Early 40’s can be a smart time to start a Pre Retirement Checklist to prepare somewhat for any surprises or changes that with eventually happen.

Tips for Your Pre Retirement Checklist

A happy retirement hinges on the foresight of the individual to perform and keep to their planning exercise, coupled with getting started early enough and sticking to your goals. Be specific and have big goals and small goals as to not overwhelm yourself while trying to navigate through this transitional time.

The Pre Retirement Checklist will work differently for everyone, so your results and experiences might not match up with what you might have heard from others or seen happen for someone else. Coming back to your guide and re-reading what you planned earlier can spark new ideas and refresh your spirit if things seem to be going a different way than you expected.

Expect psychological and emotional challenges that you may encounter during your retirement years and plan for some curve-balls. These may not be recognized until you start or are already into your retirement. A great way to help with this is to keep you mind active and growing, hopefully giving you the power to meet the challenges and overcome them without hurting your chance at a great life after leaving the regular workforce.

Download: Pre Retirement Checklist

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