Product Price List and Sales Report

Have you ever wondered if your sales items are doing all they can do? If you’re obsessed with performance, especially when it comes to profit, then you’re going to love the free Product Price List and Sales Report. This free template shows you data over time, so you always know the performance of your products on a more individualistic level. You can use this data to sell more of one item or order more of another. It’s completely up to you how you use the data; this template just makes it readily available to you. Give this template a try by reading the information described below.

Product Price List and Sales Report Guide

Downloading is simple; you will just click the link below to get your free template.

Next, you will begin to create your list of items in the “Price List” tab. Just enter the product ID (in reference to the system you already use), the name of the product, the description, retail price, and the cost you pay in bulk.

Now, begin to build a historical list of your sales for each item in the “Historical Data” tab. Information is power when it comes to sales and this template has the tools you need. Go through this section and enter the items that you see in the first row for each new product.

Year after year, you will build your history for each product and learn the trends for each item.

In the “Product Sales report” tab, you can view al this information through a bar and a line graph for your convenience. You can use the buttons at the very bottom of the page to choose the products you want to review.

Once selected, the data for that specific product will display above, giving you total control. Choose the best route to take in your business plans this year with the free Product Price List and Sales Report.

Download: Product Price List And Sales Report

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