Project Timeline Template

An easy way to assess the value of any plan is by looking at the data and how long it will take to implement your project. It can be a little difficult to think about the resources, time, money, and manpower it will take to turn your idea into a plan of action because of all the variables that come along with it. The Project Timeline Template was designed to give you a hand. Project management is hard enough on its own; why not make it a little easier by using a template that’s fast, free, and quick to customize? Just think of this document as a space where you can fully develop your ideas and see how they will turn out. Don’t waste another second, download the free template today.

Project Timeline Template Instructions

The Project Timeline sheet was designed to give you the space to see how long your ideas might take and organize your resources and tasks that you will need to complete to achieve your goal.
The document lists all the necessary detail in the table to the far left of the page. The example is broke down into different “Phases”. However, you can change any of these by clicking the desired cell and typing something new instead.

Now, think about the steps it will take to complete your goal and enter the tasks associated with each phase. For example, if you need to plan a company party, one of the phases might be “Buying Supplies”. Under that category, you could enter all the items that you need for the party and replace the “tasks” that are listed.

If you want to assign a task to a certain person, simply enter the “Owner” in the next column of the Project Timeline Template. Finally, you can also put the “Duration” of any task in the last column of the table as well.

Watch as the data you entered into this lovely table come to life on the graph to the right of the template. You can use this Timeline Template to keep track of all the tasks associated with your goal until you have achieved it.

Download: Project Timeline Template

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