PTA Meeting Agenda Template

Regarding a child’s education, it’s important for parents and teachers to be on the same page. Both parties should know that putting the needs of the children above anything else is the prime objective. The Parent-Teacher Association was created principally for this reason. This association enables better communication and coordination between teachers and parents. Also, a main goal is to create a bigger role for parents in their child’s education. PTA meetings provide a place and time for parents to assemble and discuss future goals with teachers.

An agenda allows for better organization and will create an atmosphere for better communication in this type of situation. Having the PTA Agenda Template on hand will make a PTA meeting run smoother and allow for better use of meeting time.

Using the PTA Agenda Template

The first thing to do is grab a copy of the PTA agenda listed in this article. You’ll need Microsoft Word or another type of spreadsheet software to open the file. Then, you can follow these simple instructions.

The areas you need to fill in are enclosed in brackets. Start off by entering your school name at the top of the page.

Enter the date and time of the meeting, and be sure to include the name of the person who has called the meeting.

Under the board members heading, list out every board member’s name. Include their official title in this section as well.

Throughout the rest of the sheet, list each meeting topic one by one. Enter a proper period of time for each item to be discussed in the meeting.

PTA Agenda Template Tips

Every person at the meeting will have a different viewpoint, and learning people’s tendencies will allow you to allocate the proper amount of time for each topic.

Print enough Meeting Agendas so that everyone at the meeting will have a copy to keep up with the discussions. Every parent and teacher’s viewpoint is important, so supplying everyone with an agenda is the smart thing to do.

Download: PTA Meeting Agenda Template



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