Rental Property Analysis

To organize all the pros and cons of a rental property so you come out on top is going to require some help. The analysis document is a template that helps you make side-by-side comparisons to find the best property for you. We all have dreams of being the next landlord billionaire and that all starts with your first property. The free document works like a simple calculator, taking the information you enter for different properties and providing you with the best property for your money. Take the first steps to success by reading the instructions for the free template below.

How to Use the Rental Property Analysis

The first thing that you need to do is download the free template to your computer. After, simply enter the information required in each section to see your results.

There are only three different columns for the main table. The first column tells you the item you will need to enter into the proceeding two columns. The other two columns are for 2 different properties.

Simply go down the list and enter the information for two possible properties in “Scenario A” and “Scenario B.”
The template will take the information you enter into each section and give you the total amount of money you will earn each month as well as the expenses that you will need to factor in. You can enter everything from utilities to taxes with one simple document.

Make the right decisions for your properties this year by downloading the free Property Analysis template today.

Why You Should Choose the Rental Property Analysis

  • The template calculates totals automatically for you.
  • Allows for multiple rental property comparisons.
  • Simple design allows for quick and easy customizations to your rental property information.

Download: Rental Property Analysis

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