Sign In Sheet Template

Having a meeting? You need to remember to record where it is taking place, the contact information of attendees, who was the speaker, and have it all in a place that can be accessed without hassle. Both organizing and filing information about meetings has never been easier using a ready-made and customizable Sign In Sheet Template. Track attendance, easily recover contact information about attendees, and reference previous project meetings with ease.

How to Use the Sign In Sheet Template

  • First, download the free template found on this page.
  • Second, personalize the template by including company information, a logo, and perhaps the address of the facility.
  • Third, customize the first header section with all the information about your meeting. Fill out the project information section, who is facilitating, the date and time, and the meeting place.
  • Fourth, you have two options for the following section:
  • Either leave the following section blank for attendees to fill in on the date of the meeting or
  • Use information from those who are confirmed attendees in advance.

Tips for Using the Sign In Sheet Template

  • The template will look more polished and professional with a logo above the header. This logo can be placed on the left, middle, or right—depending on which looks the most ascetically pleasing. Typically the company name and address of the facility is included as well.
  • If you leave the second section blank to be filled out on the date of the meeting, be sure to have all the attendees sign in to avoid confusion later on.
  • File sheets in a folder with other documents about the specific project it was related to for easier recall later.
  • If there were handouts given at the meeting, file them with the customized Sign In Sheet Template.
  • Consider sending a follow up email to those in attendance. This could serve either as a reminder for topics or work discussed or as a “Thank you!” for a particularly successful meeting.

Running a company and keeping track of projects is difficult enough. Give yourself a competitive edge for your future meetings and download a ready-made, customizable Sign In Sheet Template found on this page!

Download: Sign In Sheet Template

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