Spider Map Graphic Organizer

Graphic Organizers have changed the face of education forever. Allowing students to use their spatial recognition to plan out thoughts or make meaning from texts is one of the most important teaching strategies available. All types of students benefit from using graphic organizers, but particularly students with special needs.

One common, yet very effective type of graphic organizer is a Spider Map Graphic Organizer. This graphic organizer can be used in a variety of ways to teach a variety of different subject matters. Using a Spider Map Graphic Organizer is a simple way any teacher can improve student achievement with almost any lesson.

How to Use a Spider Map Graphic Organizer

  • First, download the free template and save it to your computer. Then, print out a copy for each of your students.
  • The entire template is customizable so in the middle of the document type in whatever Topic your class is covering for that day. You can be more specific and provide an individual passage from reading, or just put one word. The document can easily be customized no matter the topic.
  • Then, simply fill in the “legs” of the spider with the information you would like students to provide.

Tips for a More Effective Spider Map Graphic Organizer

  • Use the Spider Map Graphic Organizer as a check for understanding for student reading. Have students put the main idea of the passage in the middle of the graphic organizer and supporting details around it.
  • Students can also use the graphic organizer for vocabulary words. Have students put the vocabulary word in the middle and synonyms or antonyms around it. Making connections to vocabulary words will increase retention.
  • Use the Spider Map to plan a piece of writing. Students can write their thoughts for each paragraph on the four sets of “legs”.
  • Instead of leaving the “legs” of the graphic organizer blank, provide students with tips or suggestions of what they can write in those areas.
  • Add images to the document to fit with the theme of the unit.

This Spider Map Graphic Organizer is an important piece in the toolbox of any teacher at any level. It helps students of all abilities make meaning of text and identify relationships. The customizable features allow teachers to be creative and utilize its versatility to meet the needs of all.

Download: Spider Map Graphic Organizer

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