Student Intervention Template

Sometimes, young students need to be disciplined and that’s where the Student Intervention Template comes in handy. This free template document is here to help you, whether you’re a teacher or a parent, to track your child’s digressions and give them the help they need so they can continue with their studies and focus on what really matters. This template was intended to give you the tools you need to create a disciplinary system that will work over time, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re ready to start organizing this information in a useful way, then read the instructions given below to learn how to download and use this template.

Using the Student Intervention Template

To download your new template, just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link below.

Next, start by entering the name of your children or child in the first column of the template. You can list as many or as few that you need. This is especially useful for teachers that need to track multiple children in their classroom.

The next column is for entering breaks. However, you can change this to something else by clicking the cell you want to change and adding a new title.

The next step is to list out certain consequences for actions that you have. This is where it might be helpful to create a system that works well for you.

The other tab at the bottom of this page is where you will build your system. You can use this space to enter consequences and rewards and then use the handy drop-down menus on the main tab when filling this information out.

On the other side, you will also want to develop a system of reward and that’s what the next column over is for.

If you want to give them actual rewards, you can list those items in the “rewards” columns of the template.

Finally, you can leave yourself any notes that you may have in the last column of the template.

Download: Student Intervention Template

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