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A great way to recognize student’s hard work that happens in and out of the classroom is through the Student of the Month award. Every student likes to see his or her achievements recognized. A quick and easy way to commemorate success is by using a Student of the Month Template to create an award. This template offers an easy way to capture the event in a tangible way and leave the student feeling like a winner.

Using this template ensures that all the important information is displayed and the template can be used over and over again to present the award to a new student each month.

Using the Student of the Month Template

The student of the month template can be customized to meet your needs and your own creative ideas. It is free and easy to download directly from this page. To get started simply download the template. Once you have it downloaded save the document so you have it available to be used any time. You can click anywhere on the template to begin customizing.

Select each of the text boxes to enter the student’s name, school and the date of recognition. The colors, font, and artwork can be easily changed by selecting the format tab. The text boxes and images can be moved by clicking and dragging and can be replaced by clicking on the insert tab and choosing what type of image you want to add. Choose a theme specific to the student or to your school.

Tips for Using the Student of the Month Template

  • When considering colors and font be sure to put the student’s name is bold letters to keep the focus on his or her success.
  • Ensure that all details are spelled correctly. Verify spelling of first and last name, as well as, verify the school name is spelled out and correct.
  • Customize the award with the schools mascot, or mission statement to make this keepsake even more meaningful.

The Student of the Month template makes it easy to recognize the hard work of students. The template allows you a simple and quick way to create a piece of memorabilia for students.

Download: Student of the Month Template

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