SWOT Analysis Checklist

Free SWOT Analysis Checklist

In order to start any business, you must first create a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats template. This is called a SWOT Analysis Checklist. It is important to understand all the high level good qualities and bad qualities of starting your business. It also helps anyone who is thinking of loaning or investing in your company to see that you have been thorough and anticipate many issues that may come your way. Many companies will use a customizable spreadsheet as a template made especially for Excel, because it is easy to use and keep updated. This Excel checklist is available for free on this page, it’s easy to use, and it’s downloadable right here.

How to Use the Excel SWOT Analysis Checklist

  • First, customize the Excel SWOT Analysis Checklist by typing your company name into the cell referenced for this purpose and saving the file with an easily remembered name such as Draft_SWOT_ Analysis_Checklist.xls, this will insure that you have a copy of the checklist ready when you need it.
  • Second, type in the information identifying who will accomplish each of the required tasks. Be sure and save your file separately under the designated person’s name so it may be updated with their information as needed.
  • Third, please make sure the Completion Date fields are correctly filled out. This will insure that the each person accomplishing their task will know the date you expect them to complete the task. The person may or may not know this information, so it is important to have it already populated.

Tips for Using the Excel SWOT Analysis Checklist

  • The checklist is an internal document and this SWOT Analysis Checklist should not be used to actually fill out the SWOT. It should only be used to assist you in assigning the correct person to complete that section.
  • It would be beneficial to review this checklist periodically to insure the tasks are being completed within a timely manner and help you to better understand how close you are to completing your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat report.
  • Do not forget to make backup copies of the completed SWOT Analysis Checklist for each assigned person in easily accessible locations like your business hard drive, disc copy, or a cloud backup. Remember to print paper copies of your electronic data, also.

Download: SWOT Analysis Checklist

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