Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

Are you tired of keeping track of every small donation you gave this year just for your taxes? The free Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker ensures you have all that information ready to go because you’ll be entering the items little-by-little throughout the year. You’ll finally have a place to track all the donations, totals, and raw data you need to get ready for tax season. You can use this free template to watch as your charitable donations stack up to major savings with just one click of your mouse. To get started and receive a copy of your own Donation Tracker, follow the directions given below.

How to Use the Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

You can use the free Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker by clicking the link at the bottom of this page to download the file.

The template is composed of a simple table. That’s it! Just some information entered into one table and you’ll be set for tax season.

To make it even easier, we’ll go through an example to ensure you know how to use the template. Let’s just say that you donated a couch to Goodwill and want to enter the charitable donation into your list.

You would start by entering the date in the first column. If you have an estimated value, you would enter that into the next column.

The next two columns are simple drop-down menus, where you can enter whether or not you have a receipt or if the item has been appraised.

In the “Organization” column, you would simply enter “Goodwill” for this example. The last column lets you choose what kind of item you donated. For this specific example, you would choose the “Furniture” option. However, if you donated money, you would list “Cash.”

The template will take this data and give you a complete total for all your donations, along with a helpful graph above.

Download: Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

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