The Student Handwriting Template

The Student Handwriting Template

Writing is a very crucial skill to learn, as it is a primary way for people to communicate. Most children learn this skill in grade school, and one important factor in this process is learning to write within lines. The Student Handwriting Template is a printable document for teachers and parents to use in teaching children how to write within lines.

How to use the Student Handwriting Template

Download the one page document and print out as many copies as you like. The page is simple with a space at top for the student’s name and the date they’re doing the writing practice. The writing areas are divided into two solid horizontal lines with a dashed line in the middle of them.

The goal is for students to write, in regular or cursive form, letters, words, and sentences within the confines of the lines. This will teach them how uppercase and lowercase letters differ, along with how to properly size writing before moving to non-lined paper.

This template is perfect for teachers to print and distribute to their class, or for parents who homeschool their children.

Tips for using the Student Handwriting Template

  • Keep copies of the child’s previous practice sheets, and highlight or star the lines that are the best. They can then reference these previous sheets to keep on track with their writing.
  • This sheet can be used for any level of writing. From simply learning to write your name, all the way to full sentences written in cursive.
  • With Word’s highlight and color tools, you can color code lines to indicate different types of writing in the lines, for example, color some Blue for cursive, and some Red for non-cursive

Download the Student Writing Template


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