Training Budget Spreadsheet

The Microsoft Training Budget Spreadsheet

Training is an important part of running businesses and nonprofit organizations. The better the training program, the more productive the employees. This is reason alone to make good use of the Training Budget Spreadsheet, the template ensuring training programs stay on track. In fact, this template helps companies can easily determine the annual training costs, compare the costs of training from year to year and even customize the spreadsheet for the organizations specific needs. Simply download the Training Budget Spreadsheet, customize to one’s specific needs and print out as many copies as needed.

Customizing the Training Budget Spreadsheet

The Training Budget Spreadsheet is perfect for calculating the training allotment and staying on track, especially when one can customize the template as needed. Rather than dealing with a general spreadsheet, companies and nonprofit organizations can generate spreadsheet with specific categories, time periods and more. All one has to do is take advantage of the free, easy-to-use download, customize the template and print out the perfect spreadsheet.

How to Use the Training Budget Spreadsheet

  • Once one downloads the template successfully, open Excel, select the “File” menu and chose the budget spreadsheet.
  • After a new document is open, highlight the appropriate field, fill out the appropriate information and move on to the next field.
  • Next, one can customize the spreadsheet by deciding the font color, font style, background color and more, personalizing the template to fit one’s specific needs.
  • The final step is to save the customized spreadsheet and print copies as needed.

Tips for Using the Training Budget Spreadsheet

  • One may want to create common cost categories to ensure the template fits the company’s training budget needs from year to year.
  • One should keep in mind all the items that fall under each category, checking over the spreadsheet to ensure nothing is forgotten.
  • Companies should keep the “Description/Justification” fields as accurate and succinct as possible.
  • Be sure to always double check costs and totals to make sure the budget is as accurate as possible.

Download: Training Budget Spreadsheet

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