Travel Vacation Packing List

The Travel Vacation Packing List is your way to save time by efficiently packing all your travels items and using one template. You can even customize this document to include items that are specific to you and what you like to have on a trip. It’s nice to change your checklist to fit the exact nature of your trip. This Packing List simply gives you the freedom and flexibility to achieve this goal. Now you can plan your dream vacation or business trip by including only the things you want, without the hassle of committing your items to memory.

How to Use the Travel Vacation Packing List

Click the file at the bottom of this page to download the free Travel Packing List to your computer.

Start with your categories first. These are the cells highlighted in gray that list the topic of the items below it. For example, under the “Clothing” category, you see all your wearable items.

You may not need all of these categories or you may want to change some of them. You can do this by clicking inside the cell and writing a new item.
Once you have all your categories filled out, you can begin entering specific items you want to bring. The items you enter should be roughly associated with your category. Note, most of the pre-written examples are pretty common items so you won’t have to change much.

If you want to mark something as special or important, you can use the highlighting tool on the Home ribbon to make that item a different color from the rest.

When you have all your items listed under their proper categories, you can print the document to have a physical copy wherever you go.

Just click on the “File” button at the top of your screen and press “Print”. Now you’re all set to go on your dream trip without worry.

Download: Travel Vacation Packing List

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