Warehouse Inventory Control

Keeping an accurate count of everything housed within a warehouse can be an incredibly daunting task. But now, you can manage warehouses both big and small with the new warehouse inventory control template from Microsoft. The warehouse inventory control template can be downloaded without restriction or price right here on this page.

Using the Warehouse Inventory Control Template

After you’ve downloaded the warehouse inventory control template by clicking on the link available on this page, you will open the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. Before proceeding any further, you are advised to save a blank copy of the template. Not only will this enable you to have a fresh copy of the warehouse inventory control template, but you’ll also have one on file in case you mistakenly lose important data.

The warehouse inventory control template consists of three separate worksheets. The sheets are titled on the tabs located at the bottom of the template. The tabs include:

  • Inventory List
  • Inventory Pick List
  • Bin Lookup

With the inventory list, you can quickly sort and filter everything in your inventory. You can sort items by their SKU number, description, Bin number, location, unit, quantity, reorder quantity, cost, and inventory value. You can also note when it’s time to reorder more products.

With the inventory pick list, you can manage items by order number, SKU number, pick quantity, quantity available, item description, unit number, bin number and location. Finally, the bin lookup sheet provides data for both the inventory list and the inventory pick list sheets.

While using the warehouse inventory control template, remember that all aspects of it can be adjusted and tailored to meet your specific and individual needs. You’re encouraged to meet with coworkers and those you know will be using the inventory control template to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has an understanding.

Save Time and Money with the Warehouse Inventory Control Template Today!

There can be hundreds and thousands of items in a warehouse, but you’ll be able to keep track of every last one with the warehouse inventory control template. Download the warehouse inventory control template for free courtesy of MyExcelTemplates.com today!

Download: Warehouse Inventory Control

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