2014 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

Without referring to automatic and computerized payroll records, there are very few ways managers can keep track of employee absences. Most companies have strict rules and guidelines pertaining to allowable reasons for missing work, or indicating scheduled vacation days. Having a simple chart to track missed days is a handy tool. This is a useful 2014 employee attendance tracking calendar perfect for analyzing absence totals each month. It is a readable flowchart with lots of options and simple navigation.

Accurate 2014 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Forms Help Streamline Payrolls

With a 2014 employee attendance tracking calendar, managers can highlight the days each employee missed, and indicate the reasons for those missed days. This chart is compatible with Excel systems and works like a standard spreadsheet. From the Page Layout tab, commands for customizing lines containing names, months, and colors are chosen. Using either the Tab button or the click of a mouse, data can be entered into each information field. Total absences are automatically tallied at the bottom of the flowchart. There are no complicated installation procedures. From this source, free and complete downloading is available in one simple step.

After downloading, the 2014 employee attendance tracking calendar presents a basic cross-reference format. Begin by using the layout tabs to label each page with a month name. Next, choose the option which allows the user to enter employee names in a vertical list on the left-most field. This column can expand to handle extremely long rosters. Each line is shadowed differently for easy visual scanning across the screen.

In the same options menu, choose the box colors coordinating with the various reasons for absences. Each absence type can be labeled using a letter or numbering system. When an absence is recorded, the appropriate letter or number is entered into the specific employee/date field. The boxes are automatically color-coded and tallied at the bottom of the page. Each time information is added to the chart, be sure to save the changes that have been made. This is a private, read-only chart for official use as print options are very limited.

Overall, this is a very handy, quick-use 2014 employee attendance tracking calendar that will help backup payroll and other company records all year long.

Download: 2014 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

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