2019 Social Media Planner

The 2019 Social Media Planner is one of the best ways to organize your social media platform and become a professional overnight! Social sites are great for cheap marketing because you can reach a large audience at no cost to you. That’s why so many companies are starting to take advantage of this marketing platform. However, you still have to put in the work and write consistent pieces for your business profile. That’s where this template comes in handy. The free document is designed to help you organize your posting schedule so you only have to review one small document to know exactly what you have to write for the day!

How to Use the 2019 Social Media Planner

Click the link below to download the free document.

The template has two ways of looking at your social media calendar. One tab provides you with a yearly view and the other is monthly.

You will primarily plan with the monthly view; however, the yearly tab will be helpful if you want to analyze posting trends over the course of multiple months. This is helpful to avoid repetitious posting. You can also enter how well a topic performed on the yearly view, so you can use similar strategies in the future.

Click on the “1-Month Page” to start customizing your own document! The top of the page contains all the necessary information for you to quickly fill out the sheet. Simply read the headline and fill out the boxes in the corresponding dates and you’ll have everything you need already planned out for the month.

You can change any of the pre-written examples by clicking inside the cell you want to change and simply typing a new item. You can even print the document by pressing “file” then “Print” at the top of your screen!

How the 2019 Social Media Planner Benefits You

By using the Social Media Planner, you will gain valuable insight into your marketing strategies and be able to analyze trends to make the most out of these strategies. This template simply serves as a convenient way to organize all your social media post plans in one quick and easy document. Now you have the ability to maximize your marketing schedule; download this free template today!

Download: MET-2019-Social-Media-Planner

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